Digital Canvas connects technology-driven businesses to a network of elite product and engineering teams in Poland, but we don’t stop there. We take it a step further by leveraging our unique engagement and success framework to ensure our clients gain access to exceptional technical talent that feels local. 

The Human Touch

The Digital Canvas system is the culmination of experience vetting thousands of teams, tech leads, past and current projects, and client interactions. We analyzed what worked and what didn’t, then designed a system to establish a repeatable, best practice in software outsourcing.

We believe the “human touch” has been lost. Point-and-click platforms don’t anticipate the many pain points when hiring a team. Digital Canvas actively cultivates and consults our network of development agencies. Our vetting process means that our first client meeting is already a proposal of technologies we believe they can benefit from along with a team prequalified to execute the work.

Get to know the Team

60 years of combined international business, technology, product and talent management are the foundation of Digital Canvas. We saw something wrong with existing processes and chose to innovate Team Building 4.0. We knew we were on to something when our development agencies became as excited as our clients by using a system that launches projects more rapidly, reduces inefficiencies of utilizing external teams and promotes better outcomes through thoughtful matching.  

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