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A unique dev focused English Learning language program. 

Client & Dev team Alignment is the foundation but clarity in communication is the framework for growth.  

Learning a language is difficult intellectually and only outweighed by the intense amount of discipline and work to actually perfect it. For those who have mastered it chances are it was due to 'necessity' not a superfluous want. the reason is that 90% of what it takes to master a second language is simply practice and repetition. Yes there are new technology driven ways to accelerate the process but the truth is it barely moves the needle. Once one realizes there is no magical solution, has a clear objective view of what it takes, they realize that there are ways to accelerate the process and more importantly gain so many indirect benefits. We focus our program less on being able to "by train tickets in a foreign country" and more on a hyper contextualized language program where dev teams can improve their skills, learn new frameworks to communicate effectively and keep their focus to get compounding improvements and master English. 

In Software Development Agile is where theory and planning meet practice.  How a team does Agile is what matters. 

Read our blog post on how the 'medium' of Agile to develop software is the message. 

Dev teams used to promote themselves as modern because the used agile methodologies. Rightfully so, it helps keep the project focused, allows positive iterations to account for new data, customer feedback and brings more context to the 'why' behind that actual code being written. It was a monumental improvement in the way software is built and has become the de facto standard. Since it was such a drastic improvement, a lot of its inefficiencies got overlooked though. Its shortcomings were easily rationalized as people still had the memory of the past. Things have changed though, distributed workforces have pressure tested its efficacy and as the business side of technology products are becoming as or more important to the actual code a more holistic approach is needed to ensure effective communication is maintained. 

The Language Program for Dev teams sits at the heart of Agile - the daily standup. 

We focus on the standup because it is highly contextualized as if it is done well, each task should roll up into a sprint which in turns rolls up into an epic and so on and so forth. It is highly informative which allows for highly focused communication. It is highly contextualized which is the ideal arena for learning and the best part is that it is a major focal point on how a dev team is working as a team. The better communication here permeates through the whole project and company. 

The Language Program is generated from the Epics & Sprints of the Project Dev Plan the BluePrint Sprint allows a holistic understanding of each feature, how it relates to the Epic, Sprint and gives granular insights into potential issues of a project before they derail it. 

What are the benefits to the devs and the dev team? 

  • Each team member get a hyper contextualized and personalized language program that brings best practices and the language to life. 

  • They learn about a new industry, learn/refine scrum knowledge, learn commuication tactics

  • Learn tools for conflict management and expressing their ideas in another language

  • Takes the "I feel stupid speaking" out of the equation as the team members can study and prepare before. 

  • Team members learn how to solve problems and express their ideas in another language often leaving the emotional baggage behind. 

  • Multiple conversation rubrics to encourage "non work" discussions and deeper team integrations

  • Dev get more CONFIDENCE. We call it the compounding confidence theory. Each day they get a little better, learn a new word, idiomatic expression which encourages them to speak more. 

What are the benefits to the Project? 

  • Amazing clarity. Planning is hard but knowing that it will be translated to another language brings out all of the unknowns. 

  • Hyper aligns daily stand-ups and keeps the conversation focused

  • Team members are encouraged to bring up issues before they arise.

  • Provides a high level of emotional intelligence to projects where team members have and objective way to voice their opinions and concerns in a 'safe' environment

  • In a "secondary language" takes the fluff out of conversation and keeps it focused. 

  • Daily tasks can always be related back to the high level goal which keeps devs focused on the why. 

  • The language program itself acts as "product ownership" manual as the conversations about the project can easily switch between high level strategy to objective daily targets. 

Curious to see how it works?

Below is an Interface for a team member daily. 



Tasks Accomplished the day before

Relative expressions


Things to accomplish today

Key Verbs

How each task relates to project goal


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