At Digital Canvas, we’re on a mission to deliver exceptional software engineering talent to help you succeed in your business objectives. 

After overseeing thousands of successful, outsourcing projects, we created the Software outsourcing Success framework (SoS). SoS minimizes risk, improves alignment, and increases efficiency for both the client and the DevHouse.

Our team of client success managers provide highly vetted talent, accurate matching, oversight and the number-one most important thing: communication.


Our American Client Success Managers are based in Poland to keep projects on track. All DevHouses in the Digital Canvas network are within a three-hour drive of our headquarters, so it’s like having your own team member on the ground. 


Our talent is curated from more than 25 of the best DevHouses in Poland, supplied by the top technical Universities. We have years of experience working with each and every one of them and routinely visit and audit their operations.


Our proprietary matching process ensures you receive the best possible talent for your project and streamlines alignment of the project scope. This means together we can estimate and launch projects more accurately and efficiently—both for your organization and for the DevHouse. 


We provide 100% access and transparency through English-speaking Client Success Managers. Project Vibe, our customized, project dashboards, will keep you updated  on every aspect of your project.

Our Success Framework and Poland-based American Client Success Managers are what makes us so unique

Most people we talk to bear the scars from outsourcing projects gone horribly wrong, so we set out to do things differently. SoS, our Software outsourcing Success framework, ensures project alignment, qualified talent, and communication that is transparent, proactive and always aligned with your defined success metrics. 

BluePrint Sprint

We designed this tool to rapidly gather and analyze your project requirements, market information and development standards. By aligning our tech leads and clients, we’re able to provide more accurate proposals and quicker launch dates.

Get World-class teams

We personally screen each member of our DevHouse teams on more than 20 critical variables to ensure they are qualified and exceptional in the field and industry of the project. 

Client Success Management

Our Client Success Managers ensure transparency, cultural alignment and quality assurance for your project. The name Digital Canvas may be new, but our managers have overseen more than 1,000 projects and will proactively act on your behalf to ensure your success. 

Are you ready to work with curated talent that knows your product, knows your industry and has demonstrated success at supplementing international engineering teams? 
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