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Unbelievable concentration of Amazing Talent. 

Poland is one of Europe’s fastest growing and most stable economies, making it an attractive software development hub.

  • The largest working population in Central Europe, comprised mostly of people under 34 years old

  • More than 250,000 professionals working in the IT sector

  • 25% of the entire developer community in Central Europe

  • More than 450 IT companies offering software development services

  • 15,000 IT graduates entering the labor market every year

We take it a step further and select only the best. 

Company Qualification

We vet  Company Culture, Organization Management, Recruitment, retention of all-star developers, Brand Strength, and Past & Current Clients.

We do a complete analysis of Project Manager and Tech lead qualifications, Proficiency in English, Ability to communicate, and Understanding the nuances between business goals and the technology used to deliver them.

Leadership Qualification

Advanced Screening

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Network Highlights

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An R&D Hotspot for Clients looking to build a presence. 

Poland is a highly regarded International Research and Development hub, boasting approximately 40% of outsourcing R&D centers in Central Europe, according to The Polish Investment and Trade Agency. Its noted competencies include:

  • Financial services optimization

  • Artificial intelligence

  • The sciences of bioinformatics 

R&D centers that operate in Poland are usually a part of global corporations. In many industries, laboratories work as dedicated R&D operations and closely cooperate with local universities.

US Companies who have their R&D centers in Poland

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