Benefiting agencies, remote teams and most importantly, the client

Benefits? We thought so at first, but ultimately are mandatory for remote team success.

While building our network of tech teams, we uncovered the differences which separated an elite dev house from the rest of the pack. Simply, those which were successful had, out of necessity, created some form of the BluePrint Sprint. They worked on projects that were partnerships, and had devs which were happy, learning new skills, gaining insights, taking ownership and becoming emotionally invested. It was the distinguishing factor between those who thrived and those who died.  Without these factors, most projects were doomed before they saw the light of day.

The BluePrint Sprint is not just a tool, but a metaphor of how remote teams and clients should work together.

Yes we call it the BluePrint Sprint, but really it’s a seismic shift for the industry. The benefits of partnership, good preparation, and thoughtful analysis are nothing new. Digital Canvas is fortunate to just have the data and expertise to bring it all together. Our partners get more clients through the community, clients are happy and can commit more resources, and Dev houses get meaningful projects, allowing them to invest in the tools, infrastructure and employee development to evolve. This is not a service, but the result of an industry maturing and the weeding out of carpetbaggers and opportunists.

The proof is in the pudding. Some high-level benefits for all parties involved.


More clients, expanded projects, bigger budgets. 

Higher rates, as they can deliver projects faster and be more competitive

New revenue streams, more free working cash flow.

Long term clients

New Clients

Increase in referral business

Agency Clients

Access to top talent, and the best software development practices

Flexibility in choosing vendors for their quality, not just availability

They can get to market faster

Expertise matched with vision, focus and alignment.

Dev Houses

Better projects, higher paying jobs and like-minded people

Can stay focused on excellence, not quantity

Avoid the death spiral of bad projects leading to employee attrition

More meaningful work, flow, and a purpose-driven job

They get to do what they love and get paid for it, without spending time proving they are not bad 

In the past this process took time. Endless phone calls, phone tag, missed meetings, missing materials and the complexities of dealing with multiple time zones and continents

What Digital Canvas does is less innovation, but more a rational approach to how successful remote projects are done. The process doesn't take long, giving us a holistic view of a project a clear understanding the cause and effect of all the moving parts in 48 hrs to a week

Take a look at the process and time involved. 

12 hrs or less

New Project

High level Report

24 hrs or less

Product Market Analysis

72 hrs or less

Client BPS


Product Fit Input

Tech & Design Audit

PM Lead Snapshot 

Project On-boarding Guidelines

Open-source and library Report

It is not business savvy, most would say, to trivialize one's experience and work

We don’t do it, and gain immensely from making our partners, their clients and developers successful. Being in technology shows we are all fully invested in creating a better future. By fixing this problem in software development and remote-team work, our community can truly start to innovate together.  

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