What is the your BluePrint?


Your blue

Why is it so important?


Communication is hard. In building tech projects having alignment between owners, devs, project managers, remote teams, designers is extremely hard. Those who appreciate it execute flawlessly. The blueprint sprint organizes, gathers and through algorithms and vetting ensures that you find the best team and do not waste any time getting started. It is a tool that educates clients on how to best work with remote teams and provides amazing insight to your product and company culture to ensure the teams spend their time on what matters most. 

What does it consist of?


We have our custom blueprint Sprint tailored to whichever phase you are in the development of your product. 




Ideation blueprint sprint

Clearly Defining the Product vision

Knowing the ideal user who will benefit the most

Understanding the market, size, market entry point, competitive landscape and best go-to market strategies. 

SWOT analysis to really get an idea of the pros and cons 

What is the value?

Designers must know the who what when and where

Time is money, if our design teams have a clear understanding they will be able to uncover really amazing features 

By knowing the market and relative UX trends our designers can focus on how to bring your idea to market the most efficiently. 

Our designers can approach the problem with the key marketing strategies that are best. 

What do you receive?

We provide you with a complete analysis of your idea, market, and relative design trends. 

We create a pitchdeck for you to test the ideas with your colleagues, friends or random users to get deeper insight. 

We provide you with great insights on Market Tech IQ, best UX approach and the best technologies to help you achieve your goals.  

Basically we make our money when you are successful so we ensure our teams get your idea. 

Design Phase



blueprint sprint

(plus Ideation)

Clearly Defining platform & ecosystem mindmap

Competitive technical Audit & Analysis

Stakeholder interviews, user stories and journey map

Determining style guide

Open source/3rd party integrations

What is the value?

Designers waste no time and can hone in on the key UX needs

Quickly determine competitive UI/UX & weak points to hit the ground running

This is where we can get a full feature list and prioritize them.

Designers save visual for last and focus on what matters most. User experience. 

Save time. Why reinvent the wheel. Drastically reduces costs and keeps UI familiar. 

What do you receive?

Product and Project Report

Full feature breakdown with User stories

General Architecture recommendations

A/B testing, Growth Strategy and all key business information from Ideation sprint. 

Very lo-fi wireframes delivered in a clickable prototype. 


Development Phase



blueprint sprint

(plus Ideation & Design)

Full access to repositories and devops, environments, CI

Technical audit, scalability, open-source documentation

Authentication, 3rd party integrations, data flow/capture & Security

payment & monetization strategies

What is the value?

So much time is wasted getting prepared to start. Best to just start

This helps find a team that has the exact experience you need. 

Development planning can be optimized and we can ensure the teams can clearly bid your project

This allows the engineers to always know what they are providing

What do you receive?

Access to our dev teams and the ability to choose based on cultural alignment

Full document outline technical architecture, data flow to ensure your team gets it

Custom report showing the "why'' behind every feature. 

Custom training document about the industry, product, features and future features. 

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