Understanding Remote teams by breaking it down to first principles - What is an hour of work worth? 

"if you cant measure it, you cant manage it"

We needed to first breakdown what an hour of work is worth for an in-house team to create a baseline. 

Step 1 - Determine how many total hours per day can be worked by an employee. 

Step 2 - Of total days worked what was the breakdown of how an hour was spent actually working. 

Step 3 - We wanted to know how effective a dev hour was being utilized. We looked at what causes led to poor capacity utilization and the effect it had on daily output. We analyzed a sprint to get an average.   

Step 4 - This is getting into the grey area but we really wanted to know 'dev efficiency'. We looked at the adverse effects of evolving code base, dev tunnel vision, ramp up time to a new project. Truth is we decided to just take the benefit of the doubt and not account for it. 

What we realized is that a lot of the inefficiencies in effective and efficient hours came down to properly planning and ensuring the Dev teams were always on the same page as the PMs, Business teams, and company visions.

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