A dynamic process aligning trust and interests from the beginning

We get going immediately as soon as the lead hits our system.

We dont believe in blind dates. From the minute the lead is inputed into our system we are fast at work with advanced rpfiling. We like to "forward deploy" and be ready if the lead either converts faster than you planned or even if it doesnt it allwe would rather be safe than sorry. 

We love as many leads as possible. It helps our algorithms learn and our models get stronger. We are already working with our Tech teams even before we get the go ahead to dive deeper. ​Our teams love amazing projects and have been known to work on them for discounted rates just to be a part of it. There could be 1000 reasons why a lead doesnt convert but it wont be due to lack of interest. We dont want to leave in opportunity on the table. 

Getting our Tech Teams engaged early in the process has magical results. 

We are constantly profiling libraries, new approaches to improve speed and efficiency but there is nothing better than comparing multiple different tech approaches to solve the same problem. Our Tech teams love it because we are a collective and share knowledge and ultimately the final decision is left to your client based on 'feel'.

In addition, our dev houses pose amazing questions to the clients to ensure they know everything about the project. Many times the insights lead to a better understanding of the various use cases and sometimes lead to undiscovered value buried deep in the features. 

Take a look under the hood

Below you can see how the blueprint sprint comes together with all parties involved.

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