Providing world-class consulting and development services.

Creative solutions with the ability to scale.  



Ideal Project typeS

Web Apps

Providing the best AngularJS, React & JavaScript apps in the world, well crafted thanks to the tools, processes and coding culture developed over the years. 

Mobile and Desktop 

Evojam is uniquely equipped to build great hybrid apps. Providing a blend of deep expertise with the latest & greatest tech. Tools & process tailored to harnessing JavaScript


Infinitely scalable application backends that handle lots of data or large traffic


Providing users with simple but powerful search functions which are accurate

Video Streaming

Capture what's happening live on screen or camera. Stream content to users on your platform at the same time. Interact with them in real-time.


relationships built on shared values equal products that change the world


Evojam is a focused leading-edge solutions company dedicated to responsible, disciplined, directed and attentive coding culture. We produce reliable, predictable and powerful software in a teamwork oriented environment.


Evojam's state-of-the-art software stack simultaneously delivers rapid development and high quality.  Delivering back-end and front-end solutions perfectly tailored to your product’s nature and purpose


Does your business need a boost in manpower? We can deliver a dedicated team to you in many technologies and different skill sets.  Our team blends incredible talent and experience with energy and openness to novelty 



Cross-disciplinary product teams collaborate with our client partners to define goals and tactics.
Designs, prototypes and working builds are continuously reviewed and refined


Transparency always leads to better outcomes. Scrum allows us to be flexible to a dynamic product with an evolving user base. 


We we are invested as our client and it allows our developers to become much more engaged leading to a product that just naturally flows. 


In tech things just move too fast. We stand by our work and dont want to waste time. Trust is important and the best way is to put our cards on the table. 

Keys to success

We knew all about Angular 2 before it was a thing

Prior to the premiere of Angular2 we explored the area in detail. Report from this learning has proven to be useful to thousands of programmers around the world



Evojam's process was developed for getting from ideation through to product definition. Starting every new client engagement with complete alignment, this approach is designed to shortcut usual debate cycles and get rapid clarity and consensus on what we are building – and why. 

Pre-project analysis

Using advanced benchmarking and pre-implimentation analysis they take what works through leveraging their vast database of opensource and ready made libraries. They take your idea and ensure project killing problems are solved before they appear



Pushing the boundaries of useful, usable and desirable design, knowing that perfect code is not enough.  Understanding users and the value they receive from your product is paramount. Emerging from this with actual proof-of-concept prototype, ready to go directly into the engineering phase


 Delivering a finished product isn't always the end.  Evojam are experts in post project solutions that acquire users, supporting the client and learning from how customers respond.

Focus on evolution

We built our solutions using modular architecture, which  can be hosted in a private or public cloud

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